We first saw the Seraph 108 at the Rock River Thresheree on Labor Day weekend of 2009.  We purchased one in late September, I installed it myself and we began heating our home on about Oct 5 2009. We started out the season by burning Switch Grass pellets and when it got cold we switched to wood. Over the course of the heating season we experimented with several offerings of regular wood pellets as well as some "experimental" fuel that required some tweaking of the combustion program.

    I have since recommended your products to many of my engineering associates and family and will continue to do so as I couldn't be happier with the Seraph product or the impact that it has had on my heating bills. We own a 110 year old Georgian revival home of 9,000 sq. ft. and has three floors and 10' ceilings in Janesville Wisconsin. While we have been working for three years to improve the heating efficiency of the home we were still seeing gas bills for the operation of our two furnaces at about $1000 per month during the coldest time of the year. We recently compared our utility bills over the past two years and estimate that factoring in the price of the Seraph 108, the cost of the installation materials we will have paid for the Seraph 108 pellet stove in just over one year. (One complete heating season plus 1 1/2 months of another) We have literally saved over $5000 in natural gas over the time period of October 5 2009 thru May 18 2010. (yes, we ran the stove in the 3rd week of may... it's cheap!) We are currently streamlining our fuel purchase and handling process and look forward to adding another Seraph in our home and eventually another at our vacation property.

    I did alot of research, called all the suppliers I could find, talked to many dealers all over the midwest and never got the response and service I get from Seraph industries. My wife and I are grateful for the service that was provided after the sale and would not hesitate to continue to do business with Seraph. Thanks so much for everything, I enjoy the opportunity to write this. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you as you certainly have done alot above and beyond supplying a stove.       

  Many Thanks,      

                         Renee and Bryan