Is the room where the unit is running real hot?


 No, you set the comfort level, our comfort level is 74 degrees and  we have a two story house and the upstairs is four  degrees cooler than the down stairs, so its 70 degrees in most cases. FOR $5.00 A DAY!

Will this heat more than one room?


 This may vary depending on floor layout, heat loss and geographic location of home. In most cases this will heat the average size home easily.

What would the pay back be?

It varies for each location typically it takes three years, some cases much faster.  We have a 2,200 sq. ft. home its stories and we spent on the avg. $420.00 per month five years ago prices have risen since but our pay back was two years then , but our house has never been so comfortable, even the upstairs is much warmer.

 What is Convection Heat?


Process by which heat is transferred by movement of a heated  air . Air expands when heated and become less dense and more buoyant, and so rise. The heated molecules eventually cool, become more dense, and sink. This repeated process sets up convection currents that account for the uniform heating of the air in a room. Air convection can be forced by a fan.

Would this connect to our furnace?


No, This is a stand alone unit that heats with convection, with a furnace you have warm and cold cycles, with the Genesis model stoves you will get constant steady heat.

Would I use my furnace fan to circulate the heat?

In most cases its not necessary the convection should spread through the whole house.

What makes your stoves different than any other pellet stove on the market?

We have our own patend pending burn process, our burn is different than any other stove on the market, our controller is the most adaptable control on the market, side by side to the competition we will out heat and burn a larger variety of fuels, not just corn and wood.  We have designed our units for maximum convection transfer with more heat output, our stoves will out heat our competitors and our units are 100% powdercoated and designed to last and easy to maintain.

Our stoves are made in the USA.